28 March 2018

March 2018, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – GE announced the choice of Dedienne Aerospace as a tooling licensee for the GE9XTM engine. Dedienne and GE have collaborated on many projects and developed a strong relationship. A tooling license for the GE9X engine program is the culmination of that relationship and a mutual desire to deliver world-class aviation support.

Starting this year, Dedienne will sell, maintain, support, provision, test, calibrate, lease and service GE9X engine tooling. Dedienne Aerospace’s entire global operations will be focused on GE9X customer support, while a large service center will be opened in Cincinnati to serve as the central operations for supporting GE Aviation, the GE9X engine program and GE’s customers.

Dedienne Aerospace has already proven itself as an official Boeing licensee. Now, as a provider of GE9X engine tooling, Dedienne will be able to offer a comprehensive tooling solution to GE9X and 777X customers around the globe.

GE is focused on providing customers with exceptional service and product support. That’s why we’re pleased to sign
Dedienne Aerospace as one of our tooling suppliers. Its engine tooling expertise and global footprint will benefit the GE9X engine fleet,” says Ted Ingling, general manager of the GE9X engine program at GE Aviation.

With infrastructure in Singapore, Dubai, Europe, China and the America’s, Dedienne Aerospace has geographic proximity
and in-region expertise to support GE9X engine customers on-site. Dedienne’s expertise with EIS provisioning will also be of value as airline customers enter service with this new engine.

We are proud to be part of the GE9X engine program and the entire Dedienne team is committed to delivering premium airline customer service and production for GE.” explains Karel Volot, CEO of Dedienne Aerospace LLC.

From left to right: Jonathan Meyer – GE Aviation GE9X Support Equipment Program Manager, Karel Volot- President & CEO of Dedienne Aerospace LLC, Greg Lyness – GE Aviation GE9X EIS Operations Leader, Mark Laurenti – Sales Director of Dedienne Aerospace LLC and Ethan Krimins – Director of operations of Dedienne Aerospace Cincinnati