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Opiums ?//

17 August 2017

After the exhibition of L’ESPRIT SINGULIER, the Abbey of Auberive presents a new exhibition: Opiums ?. The collection is essentially centered on the human, its complexity, its animality, its joys and vicissitudes. It also reveals a part of this search for the inexplicable, the dream, the mystic, the need to give a name to these aspirations and to believe. Man abhors emptiness. When he chases a religion, a philosophy or a belief, he replaces it with another.
Believe: is that the definitive opium?

Jean-Claude Volot, chairman of Dedienne Aerospace is the founder of the Abbey of Auberive. He is also a collector guided by his desire, his intuition and emotions. He has gathered in three decades more than 2500 works constituting one of the largest collections of modern and contemporary art. Photography, Art brut, singular or contemporary Art, this amazing collection shows us the fragility of our world and questions us the reason to be alive.

Abbey of Auberive
Place de l’Abbaye
52160 – Auberive – France

Tél. : +33 (0) 3 25 84 20 20


Photo  & text credits : Abbey of Auberive, Alexia Volot, Eric Girardot