Proud to be an official licensee of Boeing Company since 1988, we can supply all your needs related to Boeing tooling. From 737 to 787, we are supplying top quality tooling with very competitive pricing. As an official CFM LEAP and BOEING licensee, we are the right partner to prepare  your B737max Return to Service / Return-to Delivery. Benefit from our tooling recommendation: from customer need analysis to tooling batch optimization.

  • On Wing Support (Fly kits)
  • Line Maintenance Tooling (Daily to A Check)
  • Heavy Maintenance (C Check, D Check)
  • Dismantling


We are covering all your needs for your nacelle tooling. Dedienne Aerospace is the exclusive worldwide licensee to provide GSE and related services on A350, A320neo, the A220, E2, E190, MRJ nacelle programs, as well as legacy nacelle programs V2500, PW4000, CFM56, CF680E1/E2, CF34, RB211, Trent 700, and B737.

  • Inlet Cowl
  • Fan Cowls
  • Thrust Reverser
  • Nozzle and Center Body
  • Engine Mount

Other programs

Our license agreements and our close contact with OEM companies ensure that all of our products are provided according to the latest drawing updates. We have the capability to develop new GSE or to adapt existing tooling to your own specifications. We can manufacture your tooling on a build-to-print basis for a large range of aerospace programs. We count airlines, maintenance centers and OEM’s worldwide as our valuable customers.

  • Design
  • Technical recommendation
  • Customized tools
  • Commissioning
  • Upgrade management
  • Tooling maintenance plan
  • Line maintenance on-wing